Welcome to Mule Lick, Nevada.

  We are proud of our little town and want to share it with the outside world.

(because we ain't had no tourists since Eisenhower was president)














What the heck is Mule Lick Nevada?

I'm glad you asked, Honey!


Mule Lick is a semi-alive ghost town in Nye County, Nevada. For those of you with them fancy "GPS" thingys, The Latitude is: 37.0620 N; Longitude is: 116.1282 W.  We is located at Yucca Flats, about 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada (as the poker chip flies). We have a saying here in Mule Lick that goes: "Mule Lick is 100 miles and 100 years from Vegas."  We also have a motto:  "Whatever happens in Mule Lick can been easily treated with Penicillin."

 Mule Lick was formed in 1876 as one of several mining camps that sprang up after a prospecting discovery in the Eleana Mountain Range. During an ensuing gold rush, thousands of gold-seekers, developers, miners, and service providers (read 'prostitutes') flocked to the area.

Gold was discovered in the area around Mule Lick by a prospector named Walter Scott.  Old "Scotty" was exploring a route between Utah and California in 1875 that would keep him a safe distance away from Mormons and jilted girlfriends in Las Vegas.  When he stopped at the foothills of Banded Mountain, his dumb ol' mule became preoccupied with a rock that was lying on the ground.  She kept licking it.  When Scott went to investigate, he found that the rock was incrusted with quartz.  When he struck it with an ax (the rock, not the mule), it broke apart and Scott discovered that it contained a vein of gold.

The discovery led to Mule Lick, the Mine, in the surrounding hills.  Mule Lick, the township, was established in the nearby valley, adjacent to Tippipah Springs.

 The population of the Mule Lick reached its peak of approximately 2500 around 1890.  By then most of the ore had been exhausted and the speculators left.  These days we are lucky to have 14 or 15 people living here, depending on how many people are locked up in the jail.

We tried our hand at promoting the town.  Heck, we even set up a "Visitor's Bureau and Chiffonier".  No luck.  Our main problem is that we are... well... kinda "Landlocked."  You see, our town sits right smack-dab in the middle of the Nevada Test Site.  Some folks call it 'Area-51'.  What happened was that when the U.S. Government fenced-off the site in 1947, they plum forgot that we was in here.  Instead of fixing the problem by relocating the town outside the gates, they just decided to ignore us.

Typical response from the Feds.

Anyway, we ain't bitter about.  Heck no.  We have gotten used to the isolation.  The Army folks, with their Radiation Suits and Geiger Counters, are a friendly bunch.  They usually stop and say 'Hi' just before bombarding us with hazardous waste.

We had some excitement in 1969.  NASA used the surrounding area to fake the Moon landing.  Some of our residents were even cast to play the roles of "Moon Monsters" but their scenes ended-up on the cutting-room floor.

Nowadays, our residents just spend their days drinking whiskey and stomping on scorpions.  We'd love to have you drop by for a visit sometime!












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